Child Steps International (CSI) to change its name to Civics and Service International

Child Steps International (CSI) to change its name to Civics and Service International

July 1, 2021

After nearly a decade of focused work in civics education, Child Steps International is changing its name to Civics and Service International (CSI). “With the start of master training for the nationwide rollout of civics in Liberian junior high and high schools, we decided as an organization that it was time for our name to reflect our two most important areas of work: civics and service,” said Board Chairperson Karyn TraderLeigh.

“Our civics curriculum, LAW+YOU: Rights & Responsibilities of the Liberian Citizen, teaches civics to youth and adults, but the end goal is service. We want the educational process to be interactive and when they graduate, we hope they are also inspired to serve their communities with what they have learned,” said Tenneh Johnson Kemah, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CSI.

Founded in 2012, Civics and Service International, formerly Child Steps International, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Washington, D.C. and a registered non-governmental organization in the Republic of Liberia. CSI launched LAW+YOU civics curriculum in pilot schools in Liberia in 2014. The rollout continued to expand until 2021, when CSI and the Ministry of Education, Republic of Liberia began the first phase of training for the national rollout of LAW+YOU civics in all public junior high and high schools.

A community LAW+YOU program using low/no literacy techniques for interactive teaching launched in 2016. The LAW+YOU Radio show is produced in partnership with the Ministry of Education.